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Apple Sales 35.1 Million I Phones in 2nd Quarter


Net Profit Increases 94% Year-over-Year

Apple reported 2nd quarter revenue and once again set earnings records with 39.2 billion (Jan-March 2012) sales and a net profit of 11.6 billion, up from 24.7 million in sales same quarter last year. Apple almost doubled the companies bottom line.

Apple has become a brand phenomenon and a household name.

No other company in the world understands brand continuity like Apple.  It as if they have one huge CSS  cascading style sheet attached to a massive api sitting  somewhere in somebodies garage with a techie applying css to everything apple.  Apple simply is a branding machine on auto pilot.

Here’s  five things that Apple does that makes them marketer of the decade in my book!
1.  Simple User Friendly Sleek Product Design
2. Unique Second to None Brand Culture
3. Design Continuity from product pages to blog pages, to support forums.  If you being exposed to the brand its undeniable.
4. Brand Engagement
5. Fixed Pricing
Just in case you quickly skimmed this post,  That’s 39.2 BILLION—-Not million!

Just Sayin!



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