“Censorship” in Baseball

Censorship, baseball, playoffs, fansJust to set the mood….Yankees vs. Rangers | Playoffs | And sure, lets say some crazy fan runs on the field. Of course the cameras should flock towards the fan and they would show him get taken out by some chubby rent-a-cop wouldn’t they? No…they wouldn’t. The camera men stay stuck on the dugout, as though the camera men are enjoying watching the whole thing go down instead of filming it. The commentators proceed to say that there is no need to show the crazed fan because it is irrelevant to the game of baseball. Why wouldn’t they show the one exciting thing that happens during a baseball game, it’s already hard enough to sit there and watch the whole game. Apparently after certain acts of craziness experienced in other games this season, MLB has decided to no longer show fans that are watching on t.v. the great things that happen behind the scenes. Oh well, If we search hard enough I’m sure someone filmed it and posted it somewhere on the web. It would just be so much more convenient if they film it as it happens and save the thousands of people watching on t.v. the trouble of trying to find it online.  Just a thought.

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