All Good Creative Starts with a Great Visual

Strong Creative always starts with a Strong Visual.  In this print ad for Bobcat Compact Equipment Trendsetters Media Group carefully selected the iconic photo originally used by J.M. Flagg in 1917 as a poster for war recruitment. The photo was based on the original British Lord Kitchener poster of three years earlier and was used to recruit soldiers for both World War 1 and World War 2. Flagg used a modified version of his own face for Uncle Sam, and veteran Walter Botts provided the pose. The face also bears resemblance to the real Samuel Wilson.  A strong image always has an immediate emotional connection to the viewer and subliminally hooks you before the mind has a chance to defend its intuitions.

Still uncertain about the importance of a strong visual?  Take in consideration that this photo is 94 years of age and still is in high use today.  J.M. Flagg’s photo has immediate recognition even with today’s generation.

In the marketing industry we are often charged with trying to develop creative with less than desireable photographs, as well as struggle from time to time to try to get clients to budget the necessary money and time to either research and  purchase the perfect visual or budget for a unique photo shoot.   It’s funny how clients will invest thousands of dollars in print, tv, radio placement etc. and still want to skimp out on the creative.

The creative is without a doubt the most important part of everything that we do.  It’s the sole piece that stands between excellent results and just mediocre.  The next time your told, “just use that, it will be okay”  maybe you should stand up for what you know is right and reply “I think we’ll pass, were not interested in being a part of mediocrity !”

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